We are working on all enemy scenarios and defending the state - address by the President of Ukraine

We are paying maximum attention to what the occupiers are preparing. And to what our warriors need to effectively resist – in all directions.

Good motivation plus good training equals the ability of our defense forces to regain what belongs to Ukraine - President's address

The formation of new brigades of the National Guard, police, and border guards - the Offensive Guard - continues. The beginning is powerful. The process will be continued. I thank everyone who has shown interest in the formation of brigades. I thank everyone who has applied!

The NSDC decision on sanctions against Russia's nuclear industry has been put into effect, and this is not the last decision on this industry - address by the President of Ukraine

Russia is the only country in the world that allows its military to shell nuclear power plants and use NPPs as a cover for shelling. Russian missiles have repeatedly followed trajectories over Ukraine's nuclear facilities. All of these are sufficient reasons for Russia's nuclear industry to be subject to global sanctions.

To preserve all elements of our stability is to guarantee victory – address of President of Ukraine

Another 116 Ukrainians were released from Russian captivity. Of them, 114 are privates and sergeants, and two are officers. Soldiers of our army, the National Guard, territorial defense, Navy, border guards, and the State Emergency Service.