The Peace Summit and the Participation of World Leaders Can Restore the Full Effectiveness of the UN Charter and Return Full Protection to Every Nation – Address by the President

And now, I would like to personally thank Sweden and Mr. Prime Minister Kristersson for today's new decision on long-term support for our country and our people for the next three years. The total amount is seven billion dollars. It is really tangible, and it will strengthen not only us, not only Ukraine, but the entire European perimeter from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Wherever the Russian madmen might try to revise the land or sea borders.

All the Partners are Fully Informed about Our Actual Needs and the Real Situation on the Front – Address by the President

Now everything is combined to the maximum possible extent: security issues, our defense capabilities – not only those of Ukraine but of the entire Europe, as well as diplomatic work and economic sustainability of Ukraine. Every new connection of Ukraine with the world, every strengthened communication and cooperation means additional opportunities for all of us to protect the lives of our people, our cities and communities, to ensure the strength of our army, and to bring real peace closer.

The Summit will be Truly Global, Leaders from All Continents will be Represented – Address by the President

And it is important that several new security agreements with European countries have already been prepared, and several more agreements with our partners are now at the stage of coordinating specific details. In the near future, we will enhance this new security architecture for our country. New agreements will be signed. Step by step, we are creating new pillars for a rules-based international order.

The Occupier Fails to Achieve Its Goal of Stretching Our Forces Thin and Thus Weakening Ukraine – Address by the President

As a result of these days – of the whole week – we have secured stronger positions in the Kharkiv region. The 57th brigade, the 82nd air assault brigade – thank you, warriors! At the same time, our forces are quite effectively destroying the occupier in the Donetsk directions – in particular, in the areas of Chasiv Yar and other locations.

Wherever the Situation is Difficult, Our Forces Give a Decent Rebuff to the Occupier – Address by the President of Ukraine

Today, as we commemorate the victims of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars and condemn Russia's abuse of Crimea, we feel, we know, that Russian evil is not and will not be omnipotent. The occupier's time on our land is limited, and their expulsion is inevitable, and it depends on how we all resist, how we all try to unite the world, and how the world itself is determined – determined to protect humanity and life.

Our Energy Sector Has Lost a Significant Part of Its Production, there is a Need for a Rational Consumption of Electricity Again — Address by the President

Therefore, there is a need for a very rational, thoughtful consumption of electricity again. Both at the Government level and at the level of regional and local authorities, as well as at the level of energy companies, we need to ensure that the public is fully informed about how power cuts happen now, when there is a peak load, and why we need everyone to be conscious of their consumption.

We Managed to Build Confidence in Vovchansk Direction, yet Russian Shelling and Threats Persist – Address by the President

I held a meeting of the Staff in Kharkiv, involving the Commander-in-Chief, commanders of directions, heads of the security sector – the Defense Intelligence, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Security Service, the State Border Guard Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the heads of the Kharkiv region. Our counterattacks are ongoing, including in other parts of the Kharkiv border area.

Over the Course of the Day, our Defense and Security Forces Have Managed to Partially Stabilize the Situation — Address by the President

The occupier, who entered the Kharkiv region, is being destroyed with all available means. Artillery, drones, and our infantry are working quite accurately. I thank all those who are in their positions now. The same attention is paid to all other directions. Especially to the Pokrovsk direction in the Donetsk region, as well as to the Kupyansk direction in the Kharkiv region.

Our Warriors Destroy the Occupier Who Is Trying to Advance: Everything is Quite Tense — Address by the President

I am grateful to each of the partners who understands this and really tries to help. It is critically important to increase the potential of our air defense, and our aviation, including expanding the coalition of fighter jets, and accelerating training and deliveries to provide protection against Russian terror.

Our Task is Crystal Clear – to Thwart Russia's Attempt to Expand the War – Address by the President

The fulfillment of this task depends literally on everyone who is on the ground – from Chernihiv to Vovchansk, from Kharkiv to Donetsk. There must be no safe place for the occupier on the Ukrainian land. As well as in our sky. Today we are thankful for the downing of the Russian Su-25 in the Donetsk region. Guys from the 110th separate mechanized brigade. Well done, guys!